Giancarlo Stanton Is Eating Major League Baseball

  • Jake O'Donnell

When you have a guy on your team with an OPS over 1.0 and knack for violently hitting baseballs with runners on base, you’ve got to feel pretty good when he steps into the batters box with the game on the line.

Especially when bases are loaded.

Especially especially when it’s Giancarlo Stanton.

Stanton has been destroying opposing pitchers as of late, posting 10 RBI over the last three days, a stat category in which he leads the league right now — by 7. That’s right, not even a month into the 2014 MLB season, there’s a guy who has 27% more runs batted in than anyone in baseball (and the dude he’s just in front of, the relatively unknown Chris Colabello, is a second-year 30-year-old first baseman owned in %50 of fantasy leagues). Oh, and he’s leading the league in home runs, as well (tied with a bunch of guys who don’t have nearly the same stat line).

For measure, here’s what the box scores from Stanton’s last 12 games look like.


Stanton is on pace for 57 home runs this season. Total domination.