The Giants Won The World Series, And Fans Got Rowdy

  • Glenn Davis

It’s a tradition nearly as time-honored as championship sporting events, if significantly less noble: fan riots centered around those championship sporting events. So when a team wins the World Series, fans get crazy. That’s expected. But some get way too crazy. Alas, in large groups of revelers, some of whom have been drinking heavily, that’s also to be expected. Giants fans in San Francisco last night were no different. They congregated in large groups around the city, because that’s what you do when your team wins a huge game. And some of those gatherings were spirited, but relatively controlled (at least at certain points):

…but then things started burning, and police showed up.

Hey, what’d Detroit ever do to you guys?!

Seriously, this was a pretty big street fire.

And it wasn’t the only fire

Well, jumping on a bus is better than burning it.

Honestly, we feel bad for the majority of Giants fans. As it always happens when there’s any type of noticeable fan rowdiness, Giants fans will be painted by some with a broad brush (and we’ve made peace with potentially contributing to that with this post) as unruly rabble-rousers. Fact is, pretty much every fanbase does this, and not necessarily just after wins. (Remember Vancouver last year?) It’s an unfortunate fact of life/herd mentality. So while the celebration (occasionally) getting out of hand is newsworthy, don’t blame it on all San Franciscans. Odds are, if your team won, the same thing would have happened.

Photo by Kimihiro Hoshino (AFP/Getty)