The Giants Won The Pennant, Then Celebrated In The Rain With Their Wives And Girlfriends

  • Glenn Davis

By the time the Giants finished off the Cardinals last night with a 9-0 win to capture the NL pennant, a driving rain was falling in San Francisco. This created less-than-optimal playing conditions, but there was virtually no chance of the game being stopped. The game had to finish, it was essentially over since the Cardinals had pretty much no chance of overcoming that deficit: just let them play through it and finish it off without any complications.

So the umps did. We’re very glad about that – and not just because potentially postponing the end of the game would have seriously messed with everyone’s schedule. We’re also glad because when the Giants did win it, the rain made the postgame on-field celebration look really cool. Just check out Marco Scutaro with his MVP trophy here. Rain (and snow – really, every water-based form of precipitation) makes every experience look more intense. For the Giants who were out on the field celebrating with their significant others? It was practically romance novel cover material. Here’s Tim Lincecum and his (apparent) girlfriend, via Larry Brown Sports:

A great moment (in a season not especially full of them) for Big Time Timmy Jim, but the real stars were Barry Zito and wife Amber. Just look at them:

Are you kidding me? That’s some From Here to Eternity-level stuff right there. If I were Zito, I’d want that framed. Hell, I’m not Zito and I still sort of want it framed, because the photo is that perfect. But that would be creepy, if I did that. So I won’t. Then again, this is Barry Zito we’re talking about here. Is he the type to shy away from anything creepy?

Next stop, framing store!

Photo of the Zitos via Getty, by Ezra Shaw