Giants Win Protest In Tarp Game At Wrigley, Will Play 1.5-Header Thursday

  • David Gonos
Giants Win MLB Protest of Wrigley Field Tarp Incident

Photo Credit: Getty Images

For the first time in nearly 20 years, an MLB team has won an official protest. Reminds many of that one time their parents said, “You make a good point.”

The Giants lost Tuesday night’s game against the Cubs because the grounds crew had trouble getting the tarp on the infield at Wrigley Field. The game was called and the Cubs won 2-0 after four-and-a-half innings.

The league decided that the failure of the tarp was “caused by the failure to properly wrap and spool the tarp after its last use, “ MLB said in a statement. It’s the first time a team has won a protest since 1986.

Successful MLB Protests

Here’s a list of some of the more interesting successful protests in MLB Protest history, according to

St. Louis at Pittsburgh: June 16, 1986

The Pirates protested that the game was called too early due to rain, after two rain delays of just 17 and 22 minutes. NL President Charles Feeney sided with the Bucs. The ump that called the game too early was apparently in a hurry to get home to watch “Moonlighting.”

Kansas City at N.Y. Yankees: July 24, 1983

The Royals won the protest of the “Pine Tar Incident” with George Brett? I had no idea. Apparently, American League President Lee MacPhail argued that the pine-tar rule was to save league money on equipment, not to prevent a competitive advantage. Who knew!?! The Royals ended up winning the game after it restarted!

Brooklyn at Philadelphia: August 17, 1947

Pennsylvania state law mandated that Sunday games had to be completed by 7pm, you know, so they could watch “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” So just like in rec softball leagues with a time limit, once the Phillies had the lead, they started taking extra time to run out to the field, in the batter’s box and on the pitcher’s mound. One guy pretended to lose his bat, plenty of pitching changes, and finally, a Phillies’ win! But the league stepped in, without a protest even, and ordered the teams to finish the game. The Dodgers won and the Liberty Bell got a big crack in it!