Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Rally Also Gave Us Buzz Bissinger’s Latest Rant

  • Glenn Davis

Glenn Beck’s rally today at the Lincoln Memorial was many things – widely attended, widely covered, widely debated. Just one of the debated aspects: the attendance of St. Louis Cardinals’ manager Tony La Russa and his star player, Albert Pujols. Among those with strong opinions: Buzz Bissinger. Clearly this is going to be good, so let’s get to the tweets.

I thought the initial tweet I got about La Russa and Pujols attending Beck rally a joke. It is a free country, but I am sickened.

Beck is an Elmer Gantry snake oil former drunk and addict con man who doesn’t believe a single fucking word of what he says. All for $$$

It does change how I view LaRussa (ed. note: Bissinger wrote this book about La Russa, a friend of his – up until now, anyway). Beck is a racist Jew-hating bastard using his hate to line his pockets. How can TLR, Pujols not see it?

Were La Russa and Pujols themselves largely spared Bissinger’s Rage? Please.

How TLR can say the Beck rally is not a political event is beyond me. What are they going to talk about–why Cards play like gutless shits?

WHY AREN’T LARUSSA AND PUJOLS WORRYING ABOUT THEIR TEAM PLAYING LIKE SHIT. Their attitude is like LeBron after the fifth game vs. Celtics.

Was some random tweeter who apparently tweeted something impolite at Bissinger spared Bissinger’s rage? Please.

@Shot_on_Go (ed. note: This does not appear to be an actual account; maybe Bissinger made a typo while getting caught up in the moment) fuck yourself which you probably do already front and back.

Perfect. And hey, Bissinger even thinks Will Leitch is full of shit again!

Leitch’s piece is bullshit. LARussa doesn’t live in a bubble. He knows exactly who Beck is. He is one of the few literate men in sports.

Leitch is dead wrong on La Russa not knowing who Beck is but Pujols is far too narcissistic to have any real idea.

He later tweeted at Leitch, “we are cool. Albert in the bubble yes. But not Tony,” which is calm and cordial. Booooooooooo-ring!

Bissinger ultimately concluded that he doesn’t think he and La Russa will be friends anymore after this Twitter binge, which is sad. But he also said that “to not weigh in would be gutless.” We’re not sure about that, but we are sure it took some serious stones to weigh in so forcefully when he and La Russa have such a history.

And just as he concluded the latest chapter of his Twitter journey with the above sentiment, how did Bissinger end that tweet?

Let Lupica do the jockstrap worship.

Ah, a brand new slam. The Buzz Bissinger Circle of Twitter Life continues.

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