Grandma Flipping The Bird Is Best Marriage Proposal Photobomb Ever

  • Rick Chandler

On Wednesday they gave Todd Helton a horse. Today, grandmas giving the finger during a marriage proposal. Oh Coors Field, how we love thee.

Of professional photographer was in the stands at Coors to capture the moment when Rockies’ fan Kenny Lovelace popped the question to his girlfriend, Molly Ryan. Unfortunately, it wasn’t appreciated by a group of elderly fans sitting nearby — one of whom flipped the bird in several of the photos. The photographer, Kerinsa Mullins, explains:

As the special moment unfolded, Mullins says she continued to receive nasty stares from the older couple, whose view she obstructed.

“They kept yelling at me and I just ignored them because I was there to do a job and I did not want to miss something that would be so brief and so important,” Mullins says.

Ryan said “yes” and fans nearby cheered for the couple — everyone but the older couple, that is.

They continued to look unamused by the event. In fact, unbeknownst to Mullins, another woman who was there with them retrieved a security guard because she couldn’t get back to her seat.

Mullins says when the security guard arrived, the big moment was over and she happily moved out of the trio’s way.

It wasn’t until the next day that Mullins realized the unhappy couple left their mark on the photos.

“In about 20 of them, she and her friend are giving me the stink eye,” she says.

Then she saw one photo that she couldn’t believe. In it, the older woman appears to be giving the one-finger salute to the camera.

“When I first saw the image I laughed, but then I was terrified you know, wondering what the couple was gonna think,” Mullins says.

Imagine if the Rockies were still in contention. We might have heard those fighting words: “Eat hickory!”