Guess Which One Team Dominates The MLB's 'Hate Maps' All Around The World

  • Eric Goldschein

Over the weekend, we showed you the reddit-generated maps that show the most hated NFL team in each U.S. state and world continent. Not surprisingly, those came before the MLB version, because even as the pennant races start to heat up, we care about football more.

But now, behold the MLB “Hate Maps” which used a survey to determine how the populations of each state, continent and even Canadian territory feels, for the most part. Unsurprisingly, the maps are dominated by one team. That team is not the Royals.

Here’s the United States:

hate maps usa

Everything checks out here. The middle of the country hates the Yankees. So does much of the East Coast and Pacific Northwest. Californians hate the Dodgers, and the Cardinals and Red Sox make up most of the other hate pockets. Arkansas hates the Cubs? Alrighty.

Here’s the world view:

hate maps world

Australia: Where every New Yorker should vacation from now on.

And finally, how do Canadians feel? Canadians are a peaceful people — they don’t have hate in their hearts like we do:

hate maps canada

This one is weird. Perhaps due to low sample size, or a distaste for places with nice weather, the Northwest hates on the Padres — which is kind of like hating on a three-legged dog in a horse race. Why you gonna hate such a crappy team, Northwest Territory? Also, the Yankees.

Here’s what we can take from this map — if you win a lot, people probably hate you. This confirms that Arkansas is the most ass-backwards state in the Union. Sorry guys.