Guy Admits To Throwing A Banana At Adam Jones, But Non-Racist-ly

  • Eric Goldschein

adam jones

You know when you get so mad you just need to throw something, anything, as hard as you can? Even if that thing is a banana, and the direction you’re facing just happens to be a Major League Baseball field? That’s the story Alexander Poulides is telling after he contacted The Mercury News at admit that he was the culprit of the ostensibly racist banana toss.

Poulides, 42, said he grabbed a banana off a catering cart and hurled it toward the field in disgust near the end of the Giants’ 10-2 loss Sunday at AT&T Park. The banana landed near Jones in centerfield. Jones, who is African-American, tweeted about the incident after the game.

As the Giants launched an investigation, Poulides reached The Mercury News via e-mail and subsequent phone call to claim responsibility for what he called “an indiscretion.”

“I’m embarrassed and shocked by the outcome,” the Northern California resident said. “In hindsight, I wish I didn’t do it and I apologize. I’m very sorry.”

It’s a little hard to imagine where this guy must have been sitting that a banana from a catering cart was so easily accessible, but it’s also easy to understand why a momentary outburst could have been simply that, rather than a racially motivated attack on Jones.

Moral of story: Don’t throw shit on baseball fields. You’ll either look like a moron or a racist.

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