Guy Arrested At Baseball Game For Being Drunk Stands Up For The Constitution*

  • Jake O'Donnell

Few things are funnier/sadder than someone who doesn’t fully understand the extent to which they are protected by their Constitutional rights but cries injustice as if they’re an expert…to an actual expert. Last week, a University of Miami Law student released video of his deposition with defense attorneys who were trying to get to the bottom of his law suit against Ryan Braun, but we’re held up because this douche was LARPing Tom Cruise’s character from A Few Good Men.

Worse still, the drunk dude in the video below was being asked to sit down by police officers (at an unspecified baseball game), which he refused to do on the grounds that he was an American citizen who has “done nothing wrong to offend the law of the American Constitution.” He’s probably right outside of the fact that, ya know, he’s drunk as shit.


Dude, we get it, you took a Poli Sci course. Just sit down or move somewhere else and write your Congressman.