Here Are Some Faux World Series Promotional Slogans Put To Shame By Pablo Sandoval

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

I don’t think anyone is wrong in thinking that sometimes baseball can be a slow sport. It’s not every game Pablo Sandoval up and hits three home runs in the World Series. So you can’t blame Sports Pickle for putting out these faux World Series promo slogans — they’re pretty damn funny after all. But thanks to the show the Kung-Fu Panda has put on for us tonight, well, they just don’t resonate quite as well.

Low blow. Though I guess it’s hard to deny.

Hunter Pence and Prince Fielder don’t have a leg to stand on.

Can’t say my remote didn’t get a workout on Monday Night.

We like unsung heroes? Don’t we? Guys?

[h/t Sports Pickle]