Here’s A Funny Story About Scott Kazmir Getting Stuck In A Hotel Elevator For Really Long Time

  • Jake O'Donnell

Let’s be honest, when you get stuck in an elevator, you generally hope for a few things:

1. The elevator’s not haunted
2. You’re on the ground floor or lower
3. You don’t have to poop
4. It doesn’t last long

Kazmir had almost none of those things Thursday night.

(No word on whether he had to poop or not, our sources aren’t THAT good).

[Via Fox Sports Ohio] Kazmir was on the elevator at the W Hotel going to his room when he heard a loud bang as it arrived at the 28th floor. The elevator then went down to 27, when he heard another loud bang. It then stopped…He phoned the hotel and Indians traveling secretary Mike Seghi, but the hotel could not get the doors open. Kazmir wound up stuck for almost 90 minutes.

That’s right, the Indians #4 starter wound up spending an hour and a half between the 27th and 28th floors of the Minnesota W Hotel, only to be released after a service worker climbed on the top of the giant metal box suspended hundreds of feet above the ground, fiddled with some levers to no avail, then called the fire department, who pryed the doors open.

It gets worse.

Kazmir said the hotel tried to compensate him for his terrifying encounter by “offering up a free breakfast. But when the food was delivered to his room the woman said she had gotten stuck on that elevator a couple times herself.”

Luckily he doesn’t pitch until tomorrow.