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Here’s Every MLB Playoff Team’s Signature Stadium Song, Ranked

Here’s Every MLB Playoff Team’s Signature Stadium Song, Ranked
  • Rick Chandler

And for our next selection, ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the smooth musical stylings of the Major League Baseball Playoffs.

Can’t believe it’s already fall — with the leaves turning color, front-yard Halloween decorations, and field invaders wearing sweatpants instead of shorts. It’s also a time when baseball fans burst into song in the playoffs.

The 10-team field is set, and believe it or not every one of them has a signature stadium song. And for once we’re not talking about the National Anthem, thank goodness. These teams all have a traditional song that points directly to them. It’s their magical theme, and some believe the catalyst to victory.

For instance, Steve Perry — former lead singer for Journey — began a tradition in 2010 that many Giants fans believe set the tone for their three-World-Series-titles-in-six-years run. Perry began showing up at Giants home playoff games to lead the crowd in a rendition of Don’t Stop Believin’ during the eighth inning. That title became the team’s motto, and hey, it worked.

Of course, Perry had previously done the same thing with his song during the regular season in Chicago for the White Sox, LA for the Dodgers and Detroit for the Tigers. But Perry is an SF Bay Area native, so the fourth attempt stuck. The Giants, who play at the Mets in a Wild Card showdown on Wednesday, just hope they’ll survive to hear it.

Where does the Journey song rank among other playoff teams’ stadium songs? The Red Sox of course have the Neil Diamond ballad Sweet Caroline; the Mets have Billy Joel’s Piano Man; and the Texas Rangers dance up a storm to Cotton-Eyed Joe. Here are our rankings, below: