Here’s Super, SUPER Slow-Motion Video Of An Outfielder Tripping Over The Bullpen Mound

  • Timothy Burke

Rays outfielder Justin Ruggiano has had it rough this season — marginalized to few appearances by the emergence of rookie Desmond Jennings and fan favorite Sam Fuld, Ruggiano hasn’t seen the field much in 2011. And then when he does, this happens.

In the top of the 9th inning of the Rays’ win over the Blue Jays Wednesday night, Ruggiano raced to catch a pop foul off the bat of Aaron Hill, but tripped over the visitors’ bullpen mound in the left field foul territory. The look on his face is best experienced in super-duper slow motion:

Video from Sun Sports. The song is “Fall Down Here” by The Mendoza Line.

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