Time Trippin’: The Red Sox Once Lost A World Series Game 3 When Obstruction Wasn’t Called

  • Rick Chandler

Sports’ most infamous tripping call outside of hockey has given St. Louis a 2-1 lead in the World Series, and everyone’s talking about it in the Tweetosphere. The Cardinals won 5-4 after Allen Craig was tagged out at home, but was called safe on an obstruction call at third. Boston’s Will Middlebrooks, lying on the ground, was ruled to have tripped Craig. Or at least to have impeded him.

They’re saying that this the first time an obstruction has decided a World Series game, but is that true? Take a look at this play in the 1975 World Series. The Red Sox lost Game 3 in extra innings to the Reds when obstruction wasn’t called.

Here’s video of Saturday’s play.

Players and fans react to Saturday’s play:

Long Island Newsday:

“Obviously, that blows your mind to lose a game like that when you literally can’t do anything different there,” Middlebrooks said. “I have to dive for that ball. I can’t just let that ball go because it’s into the baserunner. “I expect him to be past me once I’m on the ground. But he slid and kind of stayed there, then went over me. I tried to get up, his hands were on top of me — or I just felt him on top of me. He was going over me. What am I supposed to do?”  



“Oh, man, honestly, I didn’t know what happened,” said the Cardinals’ Carlos Beltran, after his team’s unreal 5-4 victory over the Red Sox on a heart-pounding Saturday night. “I saw the guys celebrating, so I just went out there and celebrated. But I’m like, ‘We win. I don’t know how we win. But we did.’ It’s amazing, man.”

CBS Sports:

“I don’t know how anyone can say that’s how it should end,” starting pitcher Jake Peavy said. “Find me one person who says it’s OK, other than Cardinal fans. It’s not OK.

“That is a joke. An absolute joke.”