Heroic Man Catches Ball In Front Of Pretty Girls, Falls In Pool, Keeps Beer Above Water

  • Alexandra Kuczynski-Brown

Last night’s Home Run Derby had three notable off the field incidents that, arguably, upstaged Robby and Jose Cano’s father/son bear hug. The first was a dumb thing, as a fan nearly toppled over the right field fence a week after a similar fall killed a fan in Texas. The second was a sweet thing, as a little leaguer playing in the outfield got to make a diving catch on ESPN, and summarily lost his shit.

The third thing is, well… dude. A 26-year-old fan named Mike Moon caught one of runner-up Adrian Gonzalez‘s long balls — and may have come away with a few phone numbers as well.

Moon, a construction worker from Gilbert, Ariz., made a diving catch into the Chase Field swimming pool — submerging every part of his body, save for the right hand that was holding up a beer. Slow clap.

Said Moon after the fact:

“I saw the ball, and I didn’t want to spill my beer. I caught the ball and didn’t spill my beer.”

The pool’s seven or so female occupants also seemed pretty willing to help Moon regain his composure, though we imagine that had he not managed to keep his cup afloat, he would have been promptly blacklisted as that obnoxious guy who polluted the water with beer.