Hey Kids! Enjoy These Half-Naked Dancers Which Were Shown On The Marlins’ TV Broadcast Last Night

  • Rick Chandler

Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria isn’t exactly shaking his moneymaker these days when it comes to the players (60 percent reduction in salaries this season), but elsewhere in Marlins Park, anything goes. For instance: if you happen to be sitting anywhere near the Clevelander Bar inside the stadium, well, cover you kids’ eyes or move to another section, I guess. Your husband? Yeah, he’ll be along in a minute.

Viewers of the Fox South-Florida TV broadcast of the Miami Marlins game on Monday night were treated to the scene you see below as they came out of commercial. As Kramer would say: “Hoochie Mama.” As a parent might say: I’d prefer my kids didn’t see that.

Folks in the stands, presumably, were treated to the skin show as well.

I’m a prude, you say? Yeah, I suppose that parents could make the most of it and turn it into a learning experience. “You see son, north of the equator, the tassels twirl clockwise. South of the equator, counter-clockwise.”

And in the American League, they’re mostly fake breasts.

Well, I’m as forward thinking as the next guy, as long as the next guy isn’t Hugh Hefner. But if I’m a parent bringing my kids to a Marlins game (purely hypothetical, I know), shouldn’t I have a reasonable expectation that they won’t be subjected to something like this?

I will say, however, that these girls have excellent form — especially the one in the middle. Fundamentals are so important in the exotic dancing game.

Photo & GIF: Business Insider.