The Sports World Freaked Out About Hostess Going Out Of Business, Too

  • Glenn Davis

Earlier today, Hostess, the manufacturer of beloved food-like substances ranging from Twinkies and Ding Dongs to Wonder Bread, announced it was officially winding down operations, blaming a widespread strike that the bankrupt company said it couldn’t weather. This news took the internet by storm, because anything that makes people nostalgic takes the internet by storm. Even if people hadn’t actually thought to eat Twinkies in years, the thought of a world without them left holes in many a heart.

Never mind that Twinkies, along with many other prominent Hostess brands, will probably be sold to another company as part of Hostess’s liquidation process, so Twinkies will most likely keep getting made. It was the threat of losing them that had everyone – even people who hadn’t so much as thought about the existence of any Hostess product in years – in a tizzy. (Oh, not to mention thousands of people losing jobs.) And the sports world was far from immune. Let’s take a look at who took a keen interest in Hostess’s demise, shall we?

So simple. So heart-rending.

Of course, we probably won’t actually have to bid Twinkies themselves farewell, but the grieving process is healthy.

We’ll find a way.

There is, to our knowledge, no truth to the rumor that Roenick did this upon hearing the news.

OK, this is actually a good reason to be nostalgic.

Even if he’s never touched a Twinkie since, that makes him a Twinkie man for life. He might have kept Hostess in business as long as it was.

You’re not the only one.

Happily, of course, the answer is probably not. After losing the World Series and missing out on the Cy Young, Verlander needs some good news, dammit.

Heartwarming: a two-time NL MVP thinks of the children.

Might this be the issue that brings our nation’s legislators together at last? And don’t mess with Murphy: this is a man who knows his unhealthy food.