'Hunter Pence Signs' Follow Hunter Pence From New York To Milwaukee

  • Eric Goldschein

Over the weekend, Mets fans started a movement. That movement: to write weird Hunter Pence anti-jokes that confuse announcers on signs. It was a nice break from the usual signage, which is centered around “loving” one player or “hating” another. These seem to be somewhere in the middle.

Well, like most things, this gem started in New York and has moved west. The Giants took on the Brewers in Milwaukee last night, and Wisconsinites showed that they, too, have odd things to say about Pence (via the Brewers’ Facebook page):

Don’t worry if you don’t get it — you’re not supposed to.

The only difference here is that this iteration of the movement appears to be sponsored by Kohl’s. Again, like most things, there’s corporate money behind it.

All the while, however, Pence continues to get on base — he walked twice and had a hit yesterday in the Giants’ loss.

Here are more #HunterPenceSigns jokes, because they’re so weird and we want more: