I Cannot Stop Looking At This Joe Buck-Tim McCarver Screengrab, Cano Abuse, And Other All-Star Game Updates

  • Rick Chandler

Nice start to the All-Star Game: Mike Trout leads off with a double off of Matt Harvey, and Harvey then drills Robinson Cano in the knee. Cano later left the game, and his status is unknown at this point. (UPDATE: X-rays negative). Retaliation and New York-on-New York crime, all in the first two batters. Sweet.

You owe me this, All-Star Game, for making me watch that boring Bud Selig interview on Letterman last night.


Harvey has done all of this while wearing bright orange cleats.

And speaking of Trout and the Angels:



What could Joe Buck and Tim McCarver be saying here? “Hurrrr.” “Derp.” Hey, at least it’s not Berman.

ECJnhr3 Miguel Cabrera lost control of his bat, almost killed someone

American League wins, 3-0. I fell asleep three times … one less than Selig.