I Don’t Know How To Say This, So I’ll Just Say It: Mr. Met Has Been Fired

  • Rick Chandler

As you know, Mr. Met caused severe ripples in the baseball continuum on Wednesday when he gave the finger to a fan at CitiField, and it was all caught on video.

You also know that this has been the greatest thing to happen to the Mets this season, and Mr. Met was given a raise. I really did enjoy th … what? The Mets apologized?

And this just in: now Mr. Met has been fired. Goddamn it.

Of course when his goes to trial, and it will, a smart defense lawyer will point this out:

The Mets announced the firing today, and also that a new person will be inside the costume for today’s game. Although, how would anyone tell?

On top of losing his job, Mr. Met has other problems:

Poor sap.

Of course Twitter is loving this, in case you were wondering.