If You Are Attending Game 6 At Fenway Park Tonight, You Are Probably Very Rich

  • Eric Goldschein

fenway park world seriesNot that we’re judging, but if you have a ticket to tonight’s game at Fenway, you are probably the reason that Occupy Wall Street happened.

How do we know? Well, tickets for this game are the most expensive in the history of baseball. That’s because the Red Sox have a chance to win a World Series title in Boston for the first time since Babe Ruth was still on the team.

From Yahoo! Sports:

From $900 standing-room-only stubs to a $10,000-plus seats close to the action, Red Sox fans are snapping up a dwindling inventory at record prices in hopes they’ll witness something the city hasn’t seen in nearly a century…

Lines snaked out the door at Ace’s Kenmore Square location Tuesday, Holzman said, and the secondary market raged on broker sites across the web. By early afternoon, the average resale price for tickets sold stood at $1,024 per ticket, according to SeatGeek. Remaining ticket inventory on Internet sites was even heftier: an average of $2,186 apiece.

If you go on StubHub, you can find a comparative deal: Just $765 for some standing-room only tickets (as of this writing).

Here’s the scary thought: If the Red Sox lose tonight, Game 7 prices will probably be even higher than Game 6. And imagine shelling out $12,000 for dugout box seats only to watch your team lose?

Boston fans, we admire your dedication to your team. But, also, you’re crazy. Crazy rich.

(Attending tonight’s game and not currently wearing a monocle? Let us know!)


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