Immigration Reform Through Ice Cream? ‘Sergio Romo’s Mexican Chocolate’ Is Here

  • Rick Chandler

Coming soon to a Whole Foods market near you: Sergio Romo’s Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream (it only tastes illegal). Yep. Petaluma-based Three Twins Ice Cream is producing it, the Giants closer is promoting it, and all proceeds go to help enact immigration reform.

Company founder Neal Gottlieb told us he got the inspiration after Romo wore his now-famous shirt at last year’s Giants World Series parade.

There has been some backlash to this: a few have said the concept is in poor taste, and of course there are the handful of social media loons who are always attracted to stories like this. One commenter on the Three Twins Facebook page: Does it come with papers?

Romo is a first-generation Mexican-American whose father is the son of a migrant worker. He grew up in Brawley, CA, near the Mexican border, and has been a tireless advocate for getting undocumented youth and their families a chance to earn their citizenship. Romo recently appeared in a video for The Dream is Now campaign, which wants to help enact immigration reform.

But the real unanswered question here: is the ice cream any good? This issue needs serious study, and we’ll get back to you with the results.