Is Alfonso “Carlton Banks” Ribeiro Now A Groundskeeper For The Rays? Probably Not, But This Guy Makes A Strong Case

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Do you care what Alfonso Ribeiro has been up to since Fresh Prince went off the air 16 years ago? Yeah, I don’t either, nor what I am exactly sure about what he does nowadays (I think it involves hosting a game show). But is he moonlighting as a member of the Tampa Bay Rays grounds crew? Or is this groundskeeper just really, freakishly good at Carlton’s signature dance?

Damn, where did the Rays get this guy? As much as I try to perfect the Carlton dance myself, I just can’t do it. In fact, nobody really can. So how did this guy get so good, and how did Tampa score him? Seriously, something is fishy here. This guy can do the dance better than Carlton himself. And I’ve never seen him and Alfonso in the same room at the same time. You never know, folks.

[Video via CJ Fogler]