It’s The 24th Anniversary Of Seinfeld’s Keith Hernandez Spitting Incident

  • Ben Axelrod

Twenty-four years ago today, a ninth inning error by New York Mets first baseman Keith Hernandez gave the Philadelphia Phillies five runs, and ultimately cost the Mets the game.

After the loss, distraught by the taunt of “Nice game, pretty boy” from a rather rotund, bespectacled fan, Hernandez spat on the the fan, and the fan’s tall, crazy-haired friend.

None of this happened, of course. It was a moment from a 1992 episode of Seinfeld.

Despite the fact that this didn’t occur in real life (the Mets actually played the Pittsburgh Pirates on June 14, 1987) and that Hernandez was the NL MVP in 1979, in addition to having won 11 Gold Gloves and two World Series, this fictional incident may be what Hernandez is most remembered for. Video below.

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