A Heartwarming Tale Of The Royals’ Jeff Francoeur, A’s Fans, Pizza, And A Whole Lot Of Bacon

  • Glenn Davis

Hey, you big loser NERD! You come in with your nerdstats, nerding it up telling me about Jeff Francoeur’s slightly below average career OPS+ (96) and his inadequate .313 career on-base percentage)? Well, answer me this, nerd. You got any fancy stats for FREE PIZZAS GIVEN OUT? Got one for MENSCH-NESS OVER REPLACEMENT PLAYER?! Because as you’ll see below, Frenchy would kill in either one of those, okay?

Seriously, that’s pretty cool. Nice going, Jeff. The backstory: last season, Francoeur’s Royals were in town for A’s fans’ “Bacon Tuesday.” It was exactly what it sounded like – the fans in the right field bleachers just ate a ton of bacon. Francoeur was intrigued. He developed a rapport with the fans, who then gave him some bacon. To show his appreciation, Francoeur tossed them a baseball wrapped in a $100 bill.

Well, yesterday, A’s fans held another Bacon Tuesday – once again, with Francoeur and the Royals in Oakland. To show their thanks for the baseball, Benjamin, and general goodwill, the fans gave Francoeur a commemorative Bacon Tuesday t-shirt. To show his appreciation for that, Francoeur had the pizzas you see above delivered. The man is like bacon-Oprah. Clearly the two sides have to keep upping the ante here, because everything each has done has only served to make this story better and better. And none of it would have been possible without bacon.

[UPDATE] Last night, some A’s fans paid tribute to Francoeur with bacon related signs too: