Attractive Brunette Reporter To Replace Attractive Blonde Reporter

  • Dan Fogarty

Red Sox fans had a tough 2011 — remember when that whole end-of-season collapse thing happened? That season of losses was capped off by a major blow, as NESN’s in-game reporter Heidi Watney left the network to become a sideline reporter for the Lakers.

But fear not, Sawx nation. Her replacement has been tapped, and she’s a local favorite: Jenny Dell, an ESPN reporter and UMass grad who’s in Aspen right now covering the Winter X-Games. The Worldwide Leader appears to be a bit jilted: they removed all of her on-air content from this week, according to Well, okay: they do this with many of their departing employees (you don’t want to give the competition free airtime, after all), but imagining a jilted ESPN is fun for everybody.

Sidenote: Dell was apparently Dorothy for Halloween, according to the internet.

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