Jerry Seinfeld Tells David Letterman How He’s Preparing For Yet Another Mets Disappointment

  • Glenn Davis

Jerry Seinfeld is many things – like a legendary stand-up comic, and star of a beloved television series. But there’s something else he is, too: a Mets fan. He’s seen at Mets games (or with the team) all the time – he’s not just keeping up appearances. Lest any doubt remain as to the legitimacy of Seinfeld’s Mets fandom, though, here he is explaining to David Letterman last night why his dog is named “Jose”:

No one but a true Mets fan would have a pet whose name functions as a pre-emptive strike against the team potentially losing a star to free agency. And we’re glad Seinfeld’s wife is understanding enough of his Mets obsession that she would actually come up with this idea herself. For Cardinals fans’ sake, let’s hope we don’t see a huge increase in the number of dogs around St. Louis named “Albert.”

[ESPN New York]