WATCH: Jeter Jokes About A-Rod, 1st And 10 Reads Way Too Much Into It

  • Glenn Davis

A-Rod hit his 600th home run. Derek Jeter was asked about it afterward. He made some joking comments about A-Rod’s age and contract. And if you’re worried that no pundits were around to excessively dissect these remarks and blow them way out of proportion, fear not: ESPN’s 1st and Ten to the rescue!

Dana Jacobson, Beto Duran, and Erik Kuselias were there to debate Jeter’s words. Here were Jeter’s most quotable comments on A-Rod’s milestone:

Hard to believe. I mean, what is he, 35?…or he says he’s 35. {laughter]


He’s got another 15 years on his deal anyway [some more laughter], so you never know how many he’s gonna hit.

Nice to see that sardonic attitude from Jeter, no? Well, that’s one way to look at it. Another:

Kuselias: It was off the cuff, he said it tongue in cheek, laughing.


…but this is clearly a shot, on a lot of levels, to a lot of people…It’s already a shot at A-Rod’s honesty….and it’s also a shot at the Yankees…remember, Jeter doesn’t have a contract at the end of the year. Jeter is not playing well right now. He is frustrated. And this is not the typical Derek Jeter we’ve seen…this showed a lot of frustration.

Duran agreed, saying Jeter is normally “one of the most boring cliches” (fine, we enjoyed that remark) and generally agreeing with Kuselias’ over-the-top analysis. (Another thing Kuselias has working against him is he has a forceful voice, making everything he says sound more strident.)

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