Jim Joyce: “It Was The Biggest Call Of My Career, And I Blew It” (UPDATE)

  • Dan Fogarty

ESPN News just showed this comment from Jim Joyce, on his blown call from tonight’s near-perfect game:

I just cost that kid a perfect game. I thought he beat the throw. I thought he was safe. It was the biggest call of my career and I blew it.


For his part, Jim Leyland was extremely classy in his post game interview, but noted that “Jim Joyce will see the replay and feel worse than anybody.” It appears he’s right.

UPDATE – An ESPN recap of the game also contains this quote from Joyce:

“I don’t blame [the Tigers] a bit [f]or anything that was said. I would’ve said it myself if I had been Galarraga. I would’ve been the first person in my face, and he never said a word to me.”

Yeah, it’s safe to say he “feel[s] worse than anybody.”


Not only did Joyce admit blowing the call, he said he “kicked the shit out of it.”

Also, video below with a few of Galarraga’s postgame comments. Amazingly, no one dealt with the situation better than he did.