Jim Riggleman Talks About His Night On The Town After Suddenly Resigning From Nationals

  • Glenn Davis

You know Nationals manager Jim Riggleman resigned out of nowhere because he was tired of getting disrespected, and then had some fun at a localand watering hole. This morning, Riggleman went on the radio and talked about, among other issues surrounding his stepping down, his experience at that watering hole.

Riggleman, after being informed that he has balls, admitted to 106.7 The Fan’s Sports Junkies program that his situation “sounds like a country song,” and delved more into the “disrespect” angle that has some fully supporting him and others wondering how anyone could be supporting him. He said one-year contracts weren’t cutting it, that he just wanted to have a talk about his situation and the team wouldn’t even give him that. Oh, and he talked about how attractive the women were at the bar where he went out drinking after he quit:

“I’ll tell you what, I had to get down there and let those girls get a look at me. There’s some beautiful young ladies in that place. Unbelievable.”

Looks like the beautiful young ladies got a good look at Riggleman to us. Know, though, that Riggleman didn’t get too crazy: he said he “had [his] limit of two” drinks at the bar.

Additionally, Riggleman said he doesn’t feel like he quit on his players, that he “considered” the possibility that he was ruining any chance to manage in the major leagues again before he stepped down, and that he doesn’t know if he’ll ever be able to get another managing job.

The fact that Riggleman’s acknowledging the possibility his managerial career is over has us a little relieved, because it suggests his decision wasn’t completely rash, and that he’s being realistic about his future prospects. Rather, right now he really is coming across as a guy who’d just had enough – so he acted on it, damn the torpedoes, and went out and had himself a good time. And in processing all that, it hit us: Jim Riggleman is the Steven Slater of 2011.

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