Top Secret Military Facility Hosts Joba Chamberlain’s Not-So-Secret Mustache

  • Jake O'Donnell

On the banks of the Hudson River sits a 211 year old military academy used for training the best and the brightest. On the lip of much maligned wait-he’s-still-a-Yankee-reliever-Joba-Chamberlain sits a month old patch of rubust facial hair — that acts as a gravity beam to media cameras and middle aged divorced women. There hasn’t been this many unwarranted photos of a mustached man since the red carpet premier of Blue Bloods on CBS. Regardless, it was a really great way for the Yankees to end spring training, and probably the last time the media will say nice things about them until this time next year. Like this snippet from the New York Daily News:

For a team in need of a little inspiration as it applies to overcoming adversity, the Yankees were in the right place on Saturday, spending a day soaking in the atmosphere here at the U.S. Military Academy. As Joe Girardi said, referring to the key injuries that have struck his ballclub, “Our adversity is minuscule compared to what they go through here. Obviously the pressure is much more intense on the battlefield than it is on the baseball field.”

Then, lightening the mood, Girardi noted that his team might be catching Army at an opportune time. “Maybe Army will overlook us since they’re playing Navy the next four games,” he said. Yes, it was that kind of day, offering some worldly perspective as well as a relaxed day of baseball to cap off a long, difficult spring training.

Despite the Yankees beating Army 10-5, it was a truly once in a lifetime experience for both sides. For the guys at West Point, a chance to hang with the Yankees, including a Panamanian cadet who got the chance to meet his countries greatest export in his last season, Mariano Rivera. For the Yankees and their ownership, a chance to put smiles on some eager faces, and pretend like they’re a sovereign nation touring a military facility. Seriously, some of these photos look a little bit like a show of force. AL East teams take notice, the Yankees are on high alert, and have aimed their fat mustached set-up men at you.

Photos Via YahooSports Via AP