Joba Chamberlain Injures Self At Children’s Indoor Play Facility

  • Dan Fogarty

Joba Chamberlain, the New York Yankees relief pitcher who quickly became a fan favorite after bursting onto the scene in 2007, but has since battled numerous injuries dislocated his right ankle at an indoor children’s play facility yesterday. Chamberlain had surgery last night, and there’s currently no timetable for his return.

According to the Yes Network’s Jack Curry, Chamberlain, who weighs 240 pounds, was jumping on a trampoline with his son when the injury occurred. Yankees GM Brian Cashman categorized it as a serious injury.

“As we understand, they were at, they have these kids places where you jump on trampolines and stuff like that,” Cashman said this morning.

Chamberlain is expected to remain in the hospital for several days after the surgery. The injury itself resulted in an open flesh wound around the ankle.

Although the Yankees are saying there’s currently no timetable for Joba, some reports are indicating that he’ll likely miss most of the season, since the injury leaves him unable to put weight on his leg for four to six weeks.

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