Manager Fight! Joe Girardi And Buck Showalter Went After Each Other Between Innings

  • Eric Goldschein

buck showalterLost in the fact that the Yankees lost, again, to a division rival in the heat of a playoff race was the skirmish that broke out between managers Joe Girardi and Buck Showalter after the first inning. It almost certainly would have come to blows if not for the wall of umpires in between the two, which is the excuse almost every baseball player uses, I’m sure.

Showalter stormed out of the dugout after Girardi was seen yelling at Orioles third base coach Bobby Dickerson. Girardi reportedly accused Dickerson of stealing signs. But you don’t yell at one of Buck Showalter’s buddies at get away with it, no sir:

(Stay for or click ahead to the weird laugh at the 1:30 mark.)

Girardi didn’t elaborate on the fight after the game, but Showalter and Dickerson explained their side of the bizarre story (via the New York Post):

“He was yelling at the third base coach. If somebody’s wearing black and orange, I’m not going to let that happen,’’ Showalter said. “I’ve known Bobby for a long time and when Nicky [Markakis] came across the plate he said that they were yelling out of the dugout at Bobby for some reason and I know Bobby Dickerson pretty well, so I knew that Bobby would have something to say on his way back to the dugout, and he did.”

Dickerson was annoyed that a complete stranger was yelling at him.

According to Dickerson, Girardi said, “ ‘I know what you’re doing.’

“I am not going to let him yell at me. I just said, ‘You don’t know anything, you don’t even know me, to be yelling at me.’ ”

And then the Orioles won 4-2, so… controversy on?