The Latest Chapter Of The John Krasinski-Alec Baldwin Saga: A Spray-Painted Dog

  • Glenn Davis

Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski have finally started making something of their careers lately by starring in ads for New Era in which Baldwin and Krasinski take the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry to new extremes. There were escalating phone taunts, there was physical violence, and now, there’s a dog and OH MY GOD IT’S WEARING A MINI-HAT WHO’S A GOOD DOGGY WHO’S A GOOD DOGGY

It’s probably a smart strategy to have the guy who crosses the line alternate every video. Krasinski’s taunts went too far the first time around, then Baldwin punched Krasinski in the face, and now we have Krasinski’s prank gone wrong. (Also smart: the built-in “no animals were harmed in the production of this ad” assurance.) We assume the next video (there will be six of these in all) will feature Krasinski being harmed in some way, and hopefully it once again ups the weirdness ante from what we’ve already seen.

Really, though, that doesn’t matter so much in this video. What matters here – there is a dog wearing a hat, and a MINIATURE HAT at that. Baldwin and Krasinski had to see that and know they weren’t going to be the real stars this time around. Sometimes, you have to cede the stage.