John Lackey Gives Up A Babe Ruth Autographed Ball To Pat Neshek For His Jersey Number

  • David Gonos

John Lackey Trades Babe Ruth Baseball For Jersey No. 41We’ve heard for years about when a veteran player gets traded from one team to another, how they’ll pay a certain amount of cash to the nobody on their new team that has the good luck of wearing the same jersey number. But John Lackey took it a step further, handing over a baseball autographed by Babe Ruth to reliever Pat Neshek, who apparently was happy to give up his jersey No. 41.

Also, I find it a little ironic that this baseball was likely originally purchased buy Lackey with part of the $82.5 million contract he signed with the Red Sox back before the 2010 season. He never won more than 14 games for Boston, and he finished with a 47-43 record in his five seasons there.

Yet, he forked over a ball signed by a player that had haunted that franchise for over 85 years.

Pat Neshek and I think that’s pretty cool.

I wonder what the team manager got that had to sew the new names on the different jerseys?