Jon Stewart Celebrated The Mets’ First-Ever No-Hitter By Making A Tremendous Face

  • Evan Sporer

It seems as if politcally-inclined comedians are carving some sort of niche into the New York Mets. First, Bill Maher announces he has purchased a minority stake in the team. Now, Jon Stewart just happens to be at the franchise’s first no-hitter. Coincidence? I think not.

But whether or not this rogue band is taking over the Mets is neither here nor there. Stewart sums it up perfectly. Mets fans are deprived the simple joy of watching their team do good things, and Johan Santana’s no-hiter certainly brought a lot of happiness to all Mets fans. And as Stewart points out, this Mets team has been fun to watch. There’s been something different about this group (thus far) that has made this season enjoyable (thus far). You can tell Stewart is an actual fan, especially based on his reaction:

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[h/t Awful Announcing]