Jonny Gomes' Last Words As A Member Of The Red Sox: 'Boston Strong'

  • Jake O'Donnell

Even as a Yankee fan, this clip is incredibly moving. Gomes — like Damon and Ramirez before him — personified the carefree Red Sox mentality, no better illustrated than by those beers he punted into the stands after clinching a postseason birth. Even though his stay in Boston was short (a season-and-a-half), it was during the most profound period in the city’s history since the British occupation.

That’s why it’s got to be hard to see a guy like Gomes, whom the city rallied around after the Boston Marathon bombing, walk away at the trade deadline. Luckily he didn’t have to do it in the middle of a game. Watch as he gives his final interview as a member of the Boston Red Sox before heading back to his original team (and home state) in Oakland.

(The final 20 seconds are the best.)