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Jose Altuve Makes Case For Greatest Teammate Ever

  • Don Mixon

While Carlos Correa celebrated his World Series win by getting engaged — and Justin Verlander one-upped that and skipped the victory parade to get married in Italy — Jose Altuve, possible 2017 AL MVP, eschewed romance and decided to simply be awesome.

Altuve went out and got bottles of Crown Royal XR for his Houston teammates and the coaching staff. You and I are familiar with the regular Crown Royal “Deluxe Canadian Whiskey” — the purple bag and regal-shaped bottle that costs around $40. Altuve went a step further and got the “extra rare” brand, which retails for about $130 (attention, holiday shoppers!).

No word yet on if the Astros will use the signature bag that comes with the bottle to house their rings. We’ll update as we learn more.

In the meantime, Altuve joins a rare group of awesome athletes who have given their teammates the gift of fancy alcohol — including Justin Tuck of the New York Giants, the Mets’ Ruben Tejada, and Kansas City’s Salvador Perez, who all gave their teammates bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue.