Jose Canseco Gets Tossed From An Independent League Baseball Game

  • Evan Sporer

What is there to say about Jose Canseco? He’s old. He’s got the craziest Twitter of all time. Oh, and he still plays baseball – although judging by the clip below, it’s not going all that well.

This video shows him playing in a Can-Am game from Sunday. After taking a strike two that he doesn’t quite agree with, Canseco takes a while to get back into the box, jawing at the umpire. Then, he takes a wild swing-and-miss and strikes out.. but Jose’s not going down that easy. So he gets in some final remarks before the umpire gives him the boot:

So it’s not just on Twitter that Canseco can come a little unglued. Speaking of: seriously, we could have an entire section of this website just devoted to Jose Canseco’s Twitter. Just the other day, he considered entering the gubernatorial race in Massachusetts.

[h/t to Busted Coverage on the video]