Jose Canseco’s Latest Turn: Old Milwaukee Spokesman

  • Glenn Davis

You might remember when terrible beer Old Milwaukee made some waves by getting Will Ferrell to star in a series of commercials that aired only in relatively small markets, including a Super Bowl ad seen only in North Platte, Nebraska. Of course, the bet that the ads would become a huge deal later on paid off when they took over the internet, and now the brand is trying a similar strategy with a few commercials that aired during the Home Run Derby last night… and starred a former prodigious home run hitter now better known for his online exploits: Jose Canseco.

It was a similar idea to the Ferrell ads, though these aired in a much larger market: Kansas City (where, of course, All-Star festivities are being held). And if they didn’t quite have the off-the-wall borderline-insanity for which Canseco’s Twitter has become so beloved, they also weren’t exactly your standard beer commercials, either – not that that’s a bad thing, of course, since beer commercials are, as a rule, the worst. Here’s a little speech on how baseball, along with a couple other entities, is back:

And he had a message for Kansas City and its long-tortured baseball fans. We’re thinking this probably didn’t make them feel much better about the Royals’ ongoing ineptitude:

And also he smashed a beer can with the swing that once sent so many baseballs flying out of stadiums, albeit with some extra help. Still, there’s a certain artistic quality to this one:

So what say you, America? Has Old Milwaukee once again struck viral gold, or is Canseco best in 140-character doses?