Jose Canseco Wears “Sorry For Everything Mark” T-Shirt To Cardinals-Dodgers Game

  • Dylan Murphy

The Saint Louis Cardinals squeaked out a 2-1 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers last night, extending their NL Wild Card lead over L.A. to two games. Jose Canseco attended the game, our favorite nonsensical athlete Twitter-er , donning a rather contrite t-shirt.

As you may remember, Mark McGwire is the Cardinals’ current hitting coach and former teammate of Canseco back on the Oakland Athletics, when the duo formed the fearsome “Bash Brothers.” In 2005, a few years after his retirement from baseball, Canseco wrote “Juiced,” accusing McGwire, among others, of using PEDs, along with 85 percent of baseball. McGwire finally admitted the steroid use a few years back, though everyone still takes Canseco’s wild accusations (particularly the 85 percent thing) with a grain of salt.

It turns out Canseco’s feeling a bit glum about the whole thing, so he showed up to Thursday’s Cardinals-Dodgers game donning the below shirt. That should pretty much take care of any hard feelings.

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Photo via AP