Jose Canseco’s AMA On Reddit Has Turned Into A Big Ol’ Troll-Fest

  • Eric Goldschein

If you’re not familiar with Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” feature, it’s a pretty fun event in which famous people log on to the site and and correspond live with the Internet. Usually this is an enlightening segment, with just a bit of trolling thrown in. Today, however, troll-master and all-around insane person Jose Canseco is holding court — thus, we are light on the enlightenment and heavy on the ridiculous questions and even stupider answers.

Because Canseco is such a polarizing figure (although there are few that oppose the position that Canseco is a dimwit media whore), there was expected to be a fair amount of trolling — posting inflammatory comments specifically meant to piss people off — by readers. What I didn’t quite expect, stupidly, was for Canseco to take the bait like he did — or to just ignore the people that weren’t trolling him. That’s what Twitter is for.

Here are some highlights, if you want to call them that:






And finally…

Most of the “questions” are of this ilk, as are the responses. Canseco doesn’t write more than one sentence for every answer, and rarely responds to any user question of substance. Overall, a really fulfilling day for the people of the Internet. Thanks Jose.

Here’s a link to the rest of this junk, if you’re so inclined.