Things You Can Buy For $10,000: A Piece Of Jose Reyes’ Hair

  • Tom Lorenzo

Last week the newest Miami Marlins shortstop Jose Reyes had his dreadlocks cut off live on the MLB Network. This week, he auctioned off said luxurious locks for a pretty penny on eBay. Oh, the things people do with that extra cash lying around the house.

The winning bid for Reyes’ hair went for $10,200, as some 50 people placed bids in a span of five days. According to the auction description, Reyes hadn’t cut his hair since 2007. And, thankfully, after inking a $106 million contract, he handed off the $10k to the Make-A-Wish Foundation in South Florida, as opposed to pocketing what would essentially amount to pocket change for him.

The unfortunate news is that the winning bidder will remain “anonymous.” So, keep an eye out for some dude with a monocle hanging framed dreads in his foyer.