Josh Hamilton To Grant His First Post-Relapse Interview To… Glenn Beck?

  • Tom Lorenzo

Earlier this month Texas Rangers’ slugger Josh Hamilton, who at one point was out of baseball due to problems with drug and alcohol addiction, had a bit of an alcohol-related relapse at a Dallas-area bar. Since, Hamilton has remained fairly silent about the incident, speaking only through brief statements released by the team. Now, however, he has decided to grant his first sit-down interview on Wednesday, which is scheduled to air on “Baseball Tonight” Fox Sports Dallas ESPN… Glenn Beck TV?

Beck announced on his show this morning that the interview will be conducted by Hamilton’s spiritual advisor, Pastor James Robinson, and will air on GBTV, the channel named after the one-time Fox News television host.

Beck, on his program, lauded Hamilton and his inspirational story, before noting that while he’s not well-versed in the world of professional sports, this is one story he can certainly speak to. Beck told his audience that he and Hamilton share acquaintances, seeing as they live in the same area, and that when he heard about the relapse he and his wife were “deeply sadden” for him.

Beck then went on to recount that he too has his own demons that he’s had to deal with from time to time. Here’s the segment from this morning’s show where he makes the Hamilton announcement:

[via Reddit]