Josh Hamilton Wants Texas Rangers Fans To Know That He Hates Them

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Apparently there’s still some sort of debate over whether or not Josh Hamilton is going to get booed or cheered when his Angels visit the Ballpark in Arlington to take on the Rangers on April 5. Well, it’s time to end that debate, because Josh hates baseball fans in Texas.

Hamilton said on a television program Sunday that while there are true baseball fans in Dallas, it isn’t a true baseball town. He also said that the fans in Dallas got spoiled by the sudden success of the Rangers over the past few years after decades of relative mediocrity.

“You think about three to four years ago (before two straight World Series appearances in 2010 and 2011). It’s like, come on man, are you happier there again?”

Rangers manager Ron Washington was asked about Hamilton’s comments, and responded like a true boss.

“I’m not answering anything that Josh said,” Washington said. “That’s Josh. Josh is an Angel. That’s Josh’s opinion. My opinion is there were 3.5 million fans that came through the turnstiles. That answers it right there.”

Those 3.5 million fans were good for third in the majors in 2012, and regardless of sudden success (which Hamilton was careful enough to credit as a team effort and not an individual effort), Dallas is in fact a good baseball town from a numbers standpoint. You’ll remember Hamilton and the Rangers’ faithful had a contentious final few days of marriage, with fans booing Hamilton in his final at-bat.

He stuck to his guns on Monday, telling media that the only true baseball towns are New York, Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia. That’s right, Josh did not even list his new home, Los Angeles, as a baseball town. He also still believes the ovation he will receive in Arlington will be mixed. Good one Josh, but you’re wrong. You won’t even get an ovation because Dallas isn’t a true baseball town and nobody will even be at the game.

[ESPN Dallas, Getty Images]