This Throw Might Be The Most Pittsburgh Pirates Thing We’ve Ever Seen

  • Glenn Davis

Yeah, Pirates shortstop Josh Harrison makes some terrific plays in the field. True, the Pirates aren’t doing that badly this year (hey, even if they’re under .500… only four games out of first!) and have a great young player in Andrew McCutchen. Yes, as the announcers said, the ball was wet. And yes, over the course of a 162-game season every team, even the very best ones, will put together their fair share of moments they’re not proud of.

But the other day, we did this. And if we’re going to point out a moment that sums up the struggles of one of baseball’s most consistently unsuccessful franchises of the last two decades, we ought to point out a moment that sums up the struggles of the most consistently unsuccessful franchise in baseball over the last two decades. So last night, Harrison made the throw you’ll see at the 15-second mark below:

The Pirates – a franchise that’s finished with a losing record every season since 1993. The franchise that, when they were inexplicably leading a weak division relatively late in the year last season, was urged to go for broke and make trades to fight for the playoffs despite having almost no shot. (They finished 72-90, in fourth place.) We saw that throw and thought: there’s a perfect Pirates moment. Can you blame us?