Hey Everybody! Josh Reddick Will Buy You Dinner If He Robs You Of Two Homers In One Game!

  • Eric Goldschein

josh reddickLooking for a meal? Boy, have we got a deal for you. Turns out, Josh Reddick is the kind of guy who will offer to buy you dinner — provided you hit two long fly balls to right field and make it possible for him to make ridiculous circus catches on both of them. How easy is that?

It’s still a little early for baseball, but the Athletics and Giants a played a spring training game yesterday that featured a situation just like the one described above. Sorry, Michael Morse, but instead of going 2-2 with two homers yesterday, you… didn’t:

Afterwards, Morse had to tip his cap on Twitter, and Reddick responded in kind:

reddick morse twitter

Less than a month until baseball tees off in Sydney, for some reason. Get excited — it’ll probably be a long season of Josh Reddick buying dinners for opposing hitters.