Watch Justin Timberlake Ironically Praise Joe Buck, Sincerely Praise Beer At The All-Star Game

  • Glenn Davis

Last night’s All-Star Game, won by the National league 5-1, elicited “meh”s across the land. Luckily, some of the things that happened just off the field were a little more entertaining – specifically, a fourth-inning interview between Mark Grace and Justin Timberlake.

Interviews at high-profile with celebrities who have something to promote are commonplace, and undoubtedly, “commonplace” is exactly what Grace thought his chat with Timberlake was going to be. And then…Timberlake started by talking about Joe Buck.

Hmm, are we crazy, or is maybe Timberlake possibly not actually the huge fan of Buck’s he made himself out to be? Buck certainly seemed unmoved by Timberlake’s, um, praise (“Ask him if his movie’s any good”). There’s one thing we now know for sure Timberlake loves, though…and that’s beer. When he said “beer’s perfect,” the sarcastic tone in his voice just melted away. It was heartwarming, really. And judging by Timberlake’s overall performance during this interview, we wouldn’t be surprised if the kind words for beer had something to do with him enjoying his fair share before Grace grabbed him. Anything to make the All-Star Game more interesting, we guess.