This Is What A Clean-Shaven Keith Hernandez Looks Like

  • Glenn Davis

Well, it happened. Keith Hernandez said he was going to shave his trademark facial hair at the Mets’ last home game of the season (over our objections, we might add), and today, he went and did it. The result (photo by Mona Rivera for 1010 WINS):

And he looks… fine. He looks like a good, solid everyday guy. That’s not the worst thing in the world. But it’s not Keith Hernandez as we know him. You want to see Keith Hernandez as we know him? Take a gander:

That is no ordinary man. But for now, at least, Keith Hernandez has joined the ranks of the rest of us. And while sure, facial hair grows back and he’s sported a clean-shaven look before (albeit a long time ago) and he got a charitable donation out of it… our world lost something today, friends. Video of newly-clean-shaven Hernandez debuting his look below, if you dare.

[Larry Brown Sports]