Keith Olbermann To Be Part-Time MLB Network Host. When Will He Start Feuding With MLB Network Executives?

  • Glenn Davis

Keith Olbermann’s been laying pretty low since his customarily bitter breakup with Current TV earlier this year, save for occasional appearances as a panelist on ABC political roundtable show This Week and his baseball blog. Today, though, came the announcement that he’ll be returning to the small screen – as a guest host on the MLB Network program Hot Stove. Olbermann will host the program Tuesday and Wednesday. He had something of a trial run earlier today:

Olbermann phoned into the program this morning to talk about the MLB MVP races with Harold Reynolds and Matt Vasgersian, and to preview next week’s shows. He was in-studio yesterday as part of a panel discussion on the American League MVP.

As for the type of show Olbermann will be hosting, here’s how MLB Network describes Hot Stove:

In an offseason where news can break at any moment, Hot Stove will start a baseball fan’s day by providing live analysis, debate and interviews with MLB Network insiders, current MLB players and celebrity baseball fans.

At this point, anytime Keith Olbermann gets a new job, it’s tempting to wonder when his relationship with his new employer is going to fall apart. (Indeed, as you’ll notice, it was a temptation we couldn’t resist in the headline of this post.) But The Atlantic Wire’s Alexander Abad-Santos thinks this partnership has some potential, and there’s reason for some intrigue here. For one, this is (for now) a guest-hosting gig for two days. Even Olbermann probably can’t have a falling out with his bosses that quickly. Also, that baseball blog of Olbermann’s we linked to before is, don’t forget, under the MLB umbrella. He’s already involved with MLB’s media operations in some capacity.

Also, while maybe the Olbermann stories that stick out to everyone now involve him being impossible to work with, but almost as legion are the stories of him being really, really good at doing TV. Combine that with him being a baseball fanatic, and it would shock no one if Olbermann presides over a very good couple editions of Hot Stove. And if he does… then the talk about an expanded role for Olbermann at MLB Network probably starts. And we all know how that story ends. But for now, MLB Network has itself the most capable guest host there is. And it’ll probably end best for everyone if he stays a guest.

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